Bridge the gap with unified reporting for containerized business services.

10am GMT on Wednesday 6th December

To understand risks, improve service and calculate the true cost of running Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster – The answer lies in the provision of unified reporting of containerized business service by bridging the gap between cloud and traditional environments.

During this webinar, we’ll take you through an approach that will enable your company to guarantee digital transformation success.

At this brief but informative event, you’ll hear how Service-Centric Intelligence allows you to easily prioritise issues, focus on the problems that impact your business, reduce MTTR and effectively chargeback costs whilst satisfying regulatory and compliance demands.

Join us and get a clear understanding of the following key concepts:

1) A holistic view of your business services

2) Visualization to drive reduced MTTR

3) Complete clarity on cost of delivery

4) Dynamic documentation

5) Agile platform for regulatory compliance and dashboard reporting

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for people working within organizations that are currently deploying containerized microservices as part of their digital transformation strategies, or who are transitioning from traditional monolithic applications to cloud native.

To join our webinar at 10am GMT on Wednesday 6th December, please provide the following details:

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