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Service-Centric Intelligence for Microservices, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes and more…

Short demonstration

If you want to see Service-Centric Intelligence in action, in less than 4 minutes, watch this video and understand how Cobe enables a user to see a service centric view of their app, identify anomalies, show impact analysis, visualise dependencies and perform live search of microservices.

On-demand Webinar

We hosted a webinar in June of this year and demonstrated how you can visualize your Kubernetes-deployed infrastructure with our intuitive and simple to navigate technology. The session included a Q&A with our CTO – we got some great questions!  Watch it here.

We also like this terrific video from Deis – The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes.

Got some more time? Here’s some additional information that we’ve found of interest…

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