Reducing time to resolution (MTTR)

All your customer / end user cares about is consistent, constant access to technology. How do you guarantee this service?

Imagine not having to hunt through the command line to understand impact of an anomaly. A quick look at the cluster, a fix, and you are back to what you wanted to be doing.

Anyone with an application that has to scale in response to peaks in demand will benefit from getting a clearer view of their containerized environment.

You need a fast, cost effective and efficient approach to provisioning software, that supports multiple teams working independently, whilst simultaneously ensuring collective software development to deliver solutions faster is required.

The challenge is that microservices can appear, and disappear, in seconds and containerized microservice environments are almost impossible to effectively map and track in real time. This isn’t a problem when all the pieces work harmoniously together, but when one of these parts fails, identifying the root of the problem across multiple tiers can be difficult. And as more microservices are added, this extends the number of moving parts leading to an ever increasing number of potential points of failure.

Monitoring and alerting tools go some way to providing the answers, but these lack context and the required insights that help understand the problem and the full impact of these issues.

Can you easily identify the relationships between underlying hosts, containers, pods and name spaces that are running?

Do you understand how they all interconnect and collectively deliver the business service?

Are you able to identify how a particular service is supporting your customers and end users?

At any given moment in time, do you know exactly how your environment is performing?

Cobe lets you focus on what matters.

Enable teams to concentrate on the most urgent issues, and restore service faster than ever before.

You don’t just find the piece of code that’s not working, you see this issue in context of the wider deployment, all the pieces of the puzzle are presented to you – Which container failed? Why is the app crashing? Is it a node issue? Or is there a bigger problem? How critical is this problem? Are other things impacted? All the answers are available to you, without having to go to the command line.

Cobe helps you get your app tested and deployed faster as you develop in CI/CD environments, without breaking your front-end services.

When you hit an issue, all you need to do is open a browser, login to Cobe and you’ll be presented with a complete topology of your environment. Cobe presents anomaly problem in the wider context of your cluster with associated potential causes, issues and/or implications between your microservices.

We offer a free Community Edition to get you started with your first 50 containers and are always happy to provide one on one demonstrations so you can see our technology in action!