How our pricing works.

Cobe provides Service-Centric Intelligence into business applications running in a Microservices environment; with a cloud-hosted SaaS platform that identifies anomalies, pinpoints impact and visualizes interdependencies so you can restore service faster. Our open platform allows you to incorporate additional entities outside your containerised environment to enrich the entire model with meta data from third party systems.

Flexible pricing

Right now, we are focused on encouraging people to use our technology. So if our pricing doesn’t work for you, and you’d be happy to provide honest feedback (and possibly be a reference site), then make us your best offer!

Cobe is offered as a SaaS model on a monthly PAYG basis

Utility based licensing with average density of containers per node based upon number of concurrent containers

Standard pricing @ $3 per container per month with discounts available for annual payment in advance

Pricing available on request for Enterprises with high density deployments

Unlimited Users

Unlimited integrations with 3rd party systems via API

Users can sign up for 30 day free trial with full functionality (limited to 100 containers within the Model)

Cobe licensing model provides users with the following benefits…

Customers not architecturally compromised to accommodate license constraints that per host pricing causes

Organisations can distribute apps in the most resilient and optimised way

Only pay for the containers you use

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