DockerCon Europe 2017

DockerCon EuropeSee you at DockerCon Europe 2017

DockerCon is the community and container conference for those developing next generation distributed apps.

We are pleased to be exhibiting and look forward to demonstrating how Service-Centric Intelligence for microservices provides a “top down” view that delivers complete understanding of your business services, including interconnectivity, relevance and impact analysis.  To celebrate its first appearance at DockerCon, Cobe is giving away a FULL CONFERENCE PASS* 

For your chance to win:

Cobe is a “must see” technology for anyone running Docker containers on Kubernetes.

During this free trial, Cobe’s Service-Centric Intelligence platform will visualize your microservices environments so you can identify anomalies, pinpoint impact and visualise interdependencies of business services to restore service faster. To see how Cobe gives complete understanding of your business services, watch this 4 minute demo.  Hope to see you there!


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