Is Kubernetes and Docker visualisation missing from your devops tool set?

Take a look at our demo to see for your self. No sign up necessary.

Our live demo shows how Cobe helps you manage your containerised applications. We spent a couple of minutes setting up our agent in a Kubernetes cluster, alongside a standard CMS. With only our agent running, we’re instantly able to see the composition and state of the application. From the orchestration layer down through the unseen details of interconnected processes and connections.

Our demo is publicly accessible. We won’t ask you to give us any details just to take a look. But if you have any questions or ideas¬†we’re always happy to hear them.

At this time, support for mobile devices is highly experimental. So we made a short video to demonstrate Cobe’s visualisation and error detection and mapping capabilities as well.

We like our demo. We think it gives a good introduction on how to visualise Kubernetes and Docker environments. The only way to be sure if Cobe is right as an addition to your devops tool set, is to see how it works for your unique use case.