The hidden cost of Microservices

Understand the cost of Microservices and how to chargeback and count the cost of cloud

Containers and microservices are revolutionising application development processes and IT infrastructure, which in turn is allowing organizations to decrease costs and reach unprecedented levels of efficiency. As organizations increasingly adopt and run microservices in containers as part of their digital transformation strategies, or to transition from monolithic applications to cloud native, you are faced with a whole new set of challenges.

There are pros and cons of microservices. But one major microservice disadvantage is cost. With instances appearing and disappearing in moments, how can you:

Put the cost of microservices on an instance?

Understand the relationship between different services and their costs?

Know your cost risks?

Chargebacks have been around forever. But microservices make it almost impossible to accurately account for spending.

Get visibility of the cost of microservices

You need the ability to break down services and applications against costs. Cobe Service-Centric Intelligence lets you understand how your microservices are being used so you can match it to your underlying infrastructure. With Cobe, you can:

Overcome microservices challenges

Understand the true cost of microservices

Chargeback microservices accurately

Cobe achieves this through provision of Service-Centric Intelligence into business applications running in a Microservices environment. Our open platform allows you to incorporate additional entities, including cost, so you can enrich your environment with essential data from other systems.

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