Intelligent, Intuitive visualisations for kubernetes and docker

Get a better understanding of your containerised environment in under two minutes.

Intuitive Visuals

Cobe provides instant, intelligent and intuitive visualisation of Kubernetes, Docker and Linux infrastructure. Whether you’re just getting started containerising your first app or already managing a cluster with thousands of containers, Cobe is an invaluable development and operations aid. Cobe reveals the unseen complexity of your infrastructure — showing how hundreds of processes and connections work together to make your app come alive.

Visualisation of Kubernetes and Docker
Error Detection of a Kubernetes Container

Error Detection and Mapping

With only a single click Cobe demonstrates the cause and effect of errors in your Kubernetes or Docker environment. With Cobe’s error detection and mapping, you can triage and respond to downtime quickly and with confidence. No longer do need to wade through log files and documentation to understand the impact of app components falling over.

Reliable, Secure and Free

Cobe is ready when you are. As a fully managed SaaS platform, you can focus on the things that matter: your application. Cobe understands the elastic workloads that comes with Kubernetes and Docker  — so Cobe will scale automatically to meet your needs. All communication in and out of Cobe is encrypted, helping to keep your sensitive operations secure.

Dashboard Overview of a Kubernetes Cluster

What is Cobe?

At the heart of it all is the Cobe Model. The Cobe Model is a system for describing and monitoring arbitrary IT systems. On top of this core model we built our Kubernetes and Docker visualisation platform.

We’re far from finished though. In 2018 Cobe will continue to build on its core technology and visualisation capabilities. We will be adding new dimensions to your understanding on your containerised and conventional Linux-based infrastructure. Every change that we make to Cobe will always respect our five fundamental design principles:

Be Rigorous

Every layer of an application matters. From abstract business services, through the orchestration layer, down to the individual processes and connections, Cobe will cover it all.

Be Reactive

Software moves quickly and breaks even quicker. Every second of downtime hurts so Cobe will react quickly to breakages.

Be Extensible

Your needs are specific to you. Without our open APIs you can tailor Cobe to your specific application — and we’d be more than happy to help you get started.

Be Semantic

Configuration sucks. Managing configuration sucks more. The Cobe Model is self-describing. So long as the semantics are observed, manual configuration is kept to a minimum.

Be Secure

Your users trust you, so you need to be confident in trusting us. All communication from your Kubernetes cluster or Docker Swarm to Cobe is encrypted.

Who is Cobe?

Cobe was built by a team with decades of experience. We have a proud history of providing monitoring solutions to some of the largest telecoms and financial services companies in Europe. As Kubernetes and Docker users ourselves, we were quick to see how monitoring needs to adapt to the new standard in deployment infrastructure.

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