Unified reporting for containerized microservice environments

Understand risks, improve service and calculate the true cost of running Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster.


What are the risks of a containerized microservice architecture? Can you decipher how a particular service is supporting end users? Do you have a clear understanding of exactly what is happening at a given moment in time? How do you measure the cost to your business?

The answer lies in bridging the gap between cloud and traditional environments.

Bridge the gap between cloud and traditional environments with unified reporting.

Organizations running Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster struggle to get a clear and detailed performance view of their business services. The dynamic new world of containerized microservices introduces a wealth of complexity and uncertainty. To effectively support your digital transformation and cloud migration projects, you need new tools that bridge the gap between cloud and traditional environments; provide clarity on cost of delivery (and failure); and reduce MTTR.

Cobe delivers an aggregated view of every element related to your business service with a visualized “top down” view.

Chargeback microservices and count the real cost of cloud across existing Infrastructure and containerised environments. With instances appearing and disappearing in moments, how can you understand the relationship between different services? Or put a cost on a microservice instance? How do you know your cost risks? And how can you effectively chargeback?


Aggregate ALL the individual processes and resources, wherever they may be, and gain a deep level of insight and understanding of how a business service is delivered to support compliance and reporting regulations, cost management and chargeback processes.

See, in real time, dependencies and performance characteristics of your running containers, incorporate any non-containerised entities that make up part of the business service and get a clear view of the true impact of your business services.


Microservice and containerized environments are almost impossible to effectively map. Get a clear view of the relationships between the underlying hosts, containers, pods and name spaces that are running, and easily understanding how they all interconnect and collectively deliver the business service.


Anyone with an application that has to scale in response to peaks in demand will benefit from getting a clearer view of their containerized environment. Cobe lets you focus on what matters

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