Searchable live topology

What is Cobe?

Whether you've got Docker containers running in a Kubernetes cluster, more traditional bare metal or virtualised infrastructure, or a mixture of all of these, Cobe creates a live, searchable model capturing all the relationships, performance data and actionable alarms, in full context.

Through search, Cobe enables you to identify and surface relevant telemetry so you can quickly identify the root cause of issues.


For traditional environments just deploy the Cobe agent to each of your servers. For Kubernetes environments, deploy our Docker image into your cluster.

Without any further configuration Cobe collects information on everything it recognises; from servers to applications, namespaces to containers, and everything related in between.


Cobe's live topology builds and continuously updates a model representing your infrastructure, and overlays performance metrics and alarms.

All data is indexed so that you can search for anything; a process's command line text, a port number or an IP address. Search results are displayed in a navigable graph-node view. This approach provides a high level of context not normally found in monitoring solutions.


Cobe is a platform. Your live topology instance has open APIs which allow you to inter-operate and extend the data in the model Cobe has created. We also have a Python Library that enables you to code your own model data sources. New applications and tools for yet undiscovered use-cases can be integrated easily with the core platform.

Search your Infrastructure

If you can remember the mid-1990s then you can remember the internet before search. You pretty much needed to know the address of any site you wanted to visit.

That's what your IT infrastructure is like today.

You need to know where a system dependency is before you can inspect its state. That's only going to get more challenging as we move more to microservices and containerised deployments.

Cobe however, enables you to search your live IT Infrastructure; anything from servers, applications, processes, databases and network connections, to Kubernetes namespaces containers and pods - and how they are related.

Why Cobe?

We believe that Cobe offers huge value – we use it ourselves – and we want others to try our Beta and let us know what they think. It’s the next step in our journey and we’d appreciate your thoughts!

Simply sign up to Cobe for free, run through the few steps, make a cup of tea and you’ll be on your way to a speedier route to resolution. Find out more about Cobe Beta.

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