Service-Centric Intelligence

Cobe provides Service-Centric Intelligence into business applications running in a Microservices environment; with a cloud-hosted SaaS platform that identifies anomalies, pinpoints impact and visualizes interdependencies so you can restore service faster. Our open platform allows you to incorporate additional entities outside your containerised environment to enrich the entire model with meta data from third party systems.

Containers and microservices are revolutionising application development processes and IT infrastructure, which in turn is allowing organizations to decrease costs and reach unprecedented levels of efficiency. Organizations are increasingly looking to run microservices in containers as part of their digital transformation strategies, or to transition from monolithic applications to cloud native.

When running applications in containerized environments, you are faced with a whole new set of challenges. Microservices can come and go within seconds, making them difficult to track in real time. DevOps need to understand the interdependencies between the business services, and the associated Containers, Pods and Hosts.

Enterprise Organizations are attempting to address these challenges directly, and there are a growing number of MSP’s that are supporting these companies in their journey, with tools such as Containers as a Service (CaaS).

Monitoring and alerting tools go some way to providing the insight you need, but these lack the context and additional insights that help you really understand what is impacted. New tools are required in order to understand the interdependencies of these increasingly complex and dynamic services.

If you are looking for a “top down” view that gives you complete understanding of your business services, including interconnectivity, relevance and impact analysis, then Cobe is the platform for you.



Visualize your business services

Cobe discovers your universe and creates a service-centric view of business applications to provide contextual insights for DevOps. Demo Cobe today.



Searchable and live

Cobe allows you to identify anomalies in real-time, assess the impact of issues and restore service faster. See Cobe in action.



Get started in minutes

Cobe is a cloud hosted SaaS platform that requires little setup – you can be up and running in minutes. Get started now.

Agile, fast, and responsive, Cobe has been specifically designed for microservices and containers. As a new microservice is created, Cobe can automatically track and incorporate it into the model dynamically, in real time.

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